40 Days of Praying

To Know History and Learn from It

By October 16, 2020No Comments

Today, the Alamo stands as a reminder of the sacrifice made against tyranny and for liberty. The Texans were not perfect, and the Mexican soldiers were not evil. But the two groups represented two different philosophies of government at the time. We can be thankful that the forces of freedom won the day, and we can learn much by remembering the Alamo.

For any civilization to survive, elders must teach their history to the next generation. We must ensure that our nation’s children and grandchildren learn their history. Let’s pray that we do not forget our past. Instead, pray that we know it, honor it, and learn from it. Otherwise, those ignorant of the past will become easy prey for Satan’s schemes.

A Prayer for America

Heavenly Father, may we know our history and learn from it. Our forefathers often humbly cried out to you in times of trouble, and You heard them. Other times, they acted foolishly, and our nation suffered. Help us learn from the great men and women of our past. May we honor them without idolizing them. Show us how to emulate their strengths and run from their weaknesses. May we always remember Your acts of grace and mercy done on our behalf. Most of all, help us to always remember what You accomplished for us, Lord Jesus, when You died on a cross for us, earning for us everlasting life. And may we never forget how You rose from the dead on the third day and then ascended to heaven. In Your name I pray. Amen.


Remember the days of old,

Consider the years of all generations.

Ask your father, and he will inform you,

Your elders, and they will tell you.

—Deuteronomy 32:7