November 3, 2020 in 40 Days of Praying

For Evangelism

The Great Commission is not yet complete. There are still people on this planet who have not heard the gospel. But we are getting close. With today’s technology, Christians could…
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November 2, 2020 in 40 Days of Praying

For Revival

Many Christians today think spiritual revival comes from the preaching of superstar evangelists. But if we want to see a revival in our nation, we do not need to wait…
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November 1, 2020 in 40 Days of Praying

Against Spiritual Blindness

Today, you can state obvious truths like “men are not women,” “killing babies for convenience is murder,” and “Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved,” and many people…
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October 31, 2020 in 40 Days of Praying

For Steadfastness in Persecution

Persecution is painful, but it is a sign that we are living out our faith in this world. Paul said in 2 Timothy 3:12, “All who desire to live godly…
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